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Modern Dog Crate Products That Reinvent Pet Living | KindTail

KindTail Modern Dog Crate Products Reinvent Pet Living

Many pet parents use crates to provide a safe haven where their dogs can comfortably relax and sleep. But what if you’re looking for a modern dog crate that’s more functional than what’s in the market?

Good thing there’s KindTail.

Founded by Amy Kim, KindTail produces collapsible and modern dog crates that are beautifully designed as your canine’s sanctuary. The pet products they create, merge functionality with innovative design in an effort to reinvent pet living.

Amy began,

“We reinvent pet living one design at a time. So, I started out when I got a dog, my dog Monkey. I solved a need for pet crate because I was trying to collapse my metal wire crate, and I hurt my hand. So then, I thought, ‘Wow, there’s likethis isn’t really a very functional product. There’s got to be something out there because it looks like a jail cell.’”

This experience prompted her to conduct thorough research of the market to find a modern dog crate that caters to her preferences.

Making KindTail a Reality

Unfortunately for Amy, there was no dog crate that passed her standards as a pet parent. Increasingly growing frustrated with the lack of options, she decided to use her creative background to design the best dog crate for her pet.

“You know, dogs arelike, pets, in general, are part of our family. And I have a baby, and I don’t put my baby in a metal crib that makes me feel bad. So, why would I do that for my dog? So, it’s the same concept. I want to extend who I am, my love and everything, into the products I give him.”

Kindtail Modern Dog Crate Products That Reinvent Pet Living

But even though the idea came to her about seven years ago, she only decided to pursue it after she had her first son.

“I moved back to LA because I had my first son. And then I kind of had to reset my career in my life. And I figured, ‘You know what, if I’m going to reset my career, I want to do something that I love.’ So then I said, ‘Hey, why not start this venture or this business?’ So, I fully started three years ago. But it’s been a long journey.”

Making Pet Living Better With KindTail

The company’s philosophy is simple: “Be kind to pets and people”. Yet, despite its simplicity, Amy sees to it that every aspect of the organization carries this approach, as they continue to design products that only take in mind the well-being of every fur baby.

“We’re coming up with innovative products that are portable, that fits into your lifestyle, and are beautiful,”

Amy remarked.

Kindtail Modern Dog Crate Products That Reinvent Pet Living

When asked what makes KindTail dog crates different, she had this to say:

“First, it’s made out of plastic, and it’s beautiful, lightweight, collapsible. And the door is designed to open all the way to the back so that it doesn’t have to be enclosed all the time. And it could just be kind of like a beautiful nesting space for your pet. So, you won’t feel bad about putting your fur baby into a crate.”

Another factor that differentiates KindTail is that it has crates for all dog sizes. Branding its crates with the name “PAWD”, the company sells small PAWDS and even recently launched its medium ones.

Aside from that, Amy and her team are also working on producing crates that would fit larger dogs. They also just launched a portable pet bowl system that makes it easier to carry your dog’s food.

“For our product, the mold cost is, like, ten times higher than other pet creates out there because we’re investing into the product. We see it as something long-term, and we’re not just worried about, like, mass-producing it and making the most profit. We really care about how you feel about your dog and how your dog is living his life or her life. So, that’s the genesis.”

It took Amy and her staff two to three years of hard work before they could develop a beautifully designed prototype that they could actually engineer and that actually works.

Kindtail Modern Dog Crate Products That Reinvent Pet Living

The good news is that all their hard work eventually paid off. Now, KindTail is at a stage where Amy and her team are able to launch more sizes and more products and allocate more of their budget towards their marketing efforts.

In addition to improving everyday pet living for pets and dog moms and dads alike, Amy also shared that they want to highlight the need to make life better for dogs with disabilities.

“Our brand is truly about KindTail and being kind to animals. So, we hope that our customers see that and that they see our message of love and kindness through our campaigns,”

Amy said, closing the podcast.


Learn more about KindTail!

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