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Microchip for Dogs’ Registration Improves Pets’ Lives | MyPet HQ

MyPet HQ Microchip for Dogs’ Registration Improves Pets’ Lives

If you’ve ever experienced the fear of your pets getting lost, MyPet HQ helps make microchips for dogs’ registration affordable and easy.

According to Conor McManus, co-founder of MyPet HQ,

“My co-founder and I started MyPet HQ a number of years ago, mainly through an issue that I spotted with animal microchipping here in the UK… There was a big gap in the market, as far as we saw, so we started MyPet.”

The Story Behind MyPet HQ

MyPet HQ Microchip website database

For people who aren’t aware of it yet, microchipping one’s dog and registering its information on a government-compliant database is a legal requirement in the UK. This is why, when Conor first registered his two dogs, he initially thought that his vets at the time had already done it.

Imagine his surprise when, after a discussion he had with an acquaintance, he double-checked and found that neither of his Fidos’ microchips was actually in the registration system.

“That worried me a wee bit, so I went ahead and registered them, and I paid 40 quid for the privilege. This is literally one line and a computer database… And I didn’t even get so much as a confirmation email from the company to tell me, ‘You’re all registered. You’re all set.’ So my experience was pretty horrendous with it,”

Conor said, reminiscing.

MyPet HQ Microchip in dogs

This led him and his co-founder, Paul, to bounce some ideas with each other on how they can provide a much better service in the same arena.

After much research, they eventually decided to give it a go and met with a lot of vets and animal rescue groups to find out the problems they face. They also welcomed feedback from pet parents and other professionals who actually help in the process of reuniting lost pets with their moms and dads, such as police dog wardens.

So, we built our animal microchip database, and then…we built a platform for the veterinary clinics, and we built a separate platform for the animal rescue so they have individual platforms to do the job really well for the jobs that they do.”

Improving Pets’ Lives Through MyPet HQ

why you should have MyPet HQ Microchip

A company that complies with the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs’ regulations, MyPet HQ works with a range of partners to ensure that many more animals can actually get back to their homes.

What’s even more surprising is that Conor and his team only charge £2 to keep your Fidos’ information up to date.

“We’re actually the cheapest database in the UK… If your animal is actually microchipped by a vet who buys microchips from us, it’s free, so you don’t pay anything. That’s all covered under the veterinary fee,”

Conor shared.

And at this rate, pet parents can already update and change their details whenever they want, whenever they need to, and as many times as they want to. They also receive access to MyPet HQ’s exclusive offers and discounts.

Aside from that, the MyPet HQ includes a couple of other technical features, such as sending you notifications every time someone else makes a search on your pets’ microchips. This way, it’ll help them track down a pet if it was ever lost and was scanned at a veterinary clinic.

They also send biannual emails that encourage people to keep their data up to date, which is easy to do with MyPet HQ’s 15 different government-compliant microchip databases in the UK.

When asked about what’s next for MyPet HQ, Conor said,

“Our long-term vision is becoming the biggest animal database here in the UK. And after that, our real vision is to build a pet platform and a pet care community. That’s an overarching vision. We want to build an entire platform that encompasses everything our pets need.”



Learn more about MyPet HQ:

Visit their website at

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