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7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About animal rescue transport

questions answeredWe get a lot of questions about animal rescue transport, rescue relay transport, general animal rescue questions and even pet transport so we thought we’d handle the most frequently asked questions proactively so you can be successful in transporting rescue animals with Doobert.

Where are the rescued animals coming from and going to?

This is the most asked question and one we love to answer.  When you are an animal rescue volunteer transporter, you are often pulling animals out of situations where they are stuck in overpopulated local animal shelters, and are needing a shot at relocating to another zip code with a fresh set of adopters.  In every Doobert transport you will always see the sending and receiving organizations and the story on the animals so you know exactly the situation you’re volunteering to help with.  We try to support you while you take care of animals by giving you all of the information you need up front.

Do I need to provide my own animal crates?

At #2 on the list is the question about crates.  Yes is the short answer, you should invest in your own set of crates that are appropriately sized to your vehicle.  You can watch your local Wal-Mart or PetSmart store for when they go on sale and snatch up a few different sizes and configurations that meet your needs. Remember you want something that is lightweight and easy to clean since sometimes…well…accidents happen.

What happens if the legs of a rescue relay transport don’t fill?

If you participate in animal rescue transport long enough, you’ll understand that we’re all a part of a valuable pet transport service to the animal rescues and shelters across the country.  That’s why you shouldn’t wait to sign-up for a leg of the journey if you can do it.  Sadly, if all of the legs are not filled with passionate animal rescue volunteers then the transport will be cancelled or rescheduled.  The Doobert system will automatically notify you if the transport is cancelled so you don’t need to call us but please, let’s not let that happen!

Can I bring my dog/child/niece/grandchild/friend?

Participating in a rescue relay transport is a fun and rewarding experience and many people want to share it with their loved ones.  Bringing another dog or animal on the rescue transport is never a good idea for multiple reasons.  The rescued animals from the local animal shelter often are under stress and may not appreciate a “new friend.”  The animals, though inspected by a veterinarian may have infections or diseases that have not yet presented themselves that you wouldn’t want to expose your pet to.  As for other people, having a companion on a rescue transport is a great way to share the love.  Just remember that particularly with kids, you need to be responsible for monitoring the interaction with other people and animals.

Something came up and I have to cancel. What do I do?

We always remind people that as an animal rescue volunteer you need to realize that the rescued animals and the other volunteers are relying on you to fulfill your part of the journey.  Once you sign-up, they are depending on you to come through.  If an emergency situation happens though, the best thing to do is immediately contact the transport coordinator (TC) and the other volunteers you are meeting up with to discuss options.  Sometimes the other volunteers will each cover ½ of your leg each mitigating the need to cancel or reschedule.  But remember, it’s your responsibility to find a replacement or communicate with the TC.

Do I get paid for my out of pocket expenses like gas, mileage, tolls, etc.?

Remember that when you do rescue relay transport that you are a volunteer and any expenses are yours to cover.  However keep in mind that if the organization you’re transporting for is an approved IRS 501(c)(3) public charity that you can likely deduct these expenses and $0.14/mile on your annual taxes.  That’s why we created the Charitable Tracking module, to help you keep track of all of your volunteer activities to make it easy at tax time.

How can I share my pictures and stories from the rescue transport?

We know that the reason you volunteer to help save animals is that you are passionate about saving animals and we love supporting you.  After every Doobert transport we’ll automatically email you the link where you can load your pictures and share your rescue transport stories with the other volunteers in the transport and the world.

Got a question we didn’t cover?  Check out our FAQ page or click the Help/Support button below and ask.

We’re always here to help.

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