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We know that new things are often hard to understand so we’ve compiled our most asked questions and their answers below.


Of course. From our home page click “Available Animals” where you can see the animals that any of the organizations that we support have posted for adoption.

From the home page, look at the menu at the top and click “Available Animals” to see the animals currently posted and available to adopt.

Nope. We are proud to support animal related organizations of all types. We support organizations that care for dogs and cats, birds, rabbits, rats, reptiles and wildlife. We truly are the only organization helping you help animals of all kinds.


The Doobert Store is an virtual pet supply store where you can help animals through shopping.

When you shop through the Doobert Store, we give back 5% of your total purchase to a Doobert-approved animal welfare organization of your choosing. 

Absolutely! We aggregate all of the orders every month and pay 5% of the orders designated by our shoppers for each organization.

It’s simple. Just have them sign-up for a FREE Doobert account. We check every organization to make sure they are animal welfare focused so that our donors know they are supporting reputable organizations.

The organization does not need to use our powerful software tools in order to receive donations, but we know once they see them, they’ll love them.

Yes, for sure! You can choose a different organization every time you make a purchase.

No problem. Our goal is to support the rescues and shelters. If you have a problem or need to return something, just contact us through the message bubble on the Doobert Store and we’ll credit you and have you donate the item to your local organization.

Notifications & Profiles

Doobert makes it simple. You simply turn on the profiles you want (i.e. transporter, foster, etc.) and then fill out the underlying information so the system can notify you when the needs match your profile.

Our primary method is email but for certain more time sensitive items like local transports we will send you a text message so make sure to verify your mobile phone.

At Doobert we know how important it is to keep your information private so we’ve built in privacy functions that you can control. You can choose which information to show in your profile or even hide your profile completely and we do our best to limit who can see information about you.


From your phone or tablet, you can upload images/videos from your gallery.

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