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Welcome to Doobert

We are proud to help you help animals!

Hi, I’m Chris Roy, founder and president of Doobert.

I’m a technology guy in my “day” job and I use my experience to create which is an online software platform custom-built for animal rescuers. It’s like a combination of specifically for animal shelters and rescues to find new partners, and then a volunteer Uber for getting the animals where they need to go. But it’s also the ONLY foster home management solution out there and the ONLY solution that allows you to get videos back easily.

I enjoy helping provide technology solutions to some of the biggest challenges in animal rescue and I am always looking for new ways to help animals and the people that care for them.

I’ve built Doobert to be a transparent, supportive organization. We always welcome suggestions, ideas, complaints, as it helps us to make the software even better.

What is a Doobert?

Chris could never have imagined the impact a certain cat would have on his life. For 17 years, Doobert loved with his whole heart and every inch of his 15-pound being. He thrived on human social contact, brought people together, and took great satisfaction in helping others. He saw his family through difficult times and served as their rock.

Through it all, Chris was determined to be happy and do what he loves. His two passions were animals and aviation. So he started flying animal rescues — transporting shelter dogs from high-kill locations to areas where they were more likely to be adopted. He personally flew hundreds of animals, and loved every minute of it.

Coordinating the ground and aviation legs was a different story. The process was somewhat painful, and he knew there had to be a better way. Utilizing his IT skills, he hired developers to put together a system to coordinate the trips. From there, his passion for the cause only grew as he learned more about the world of animal rescue and the challenges facing these organizations.

Chris’s focus is bringing animal shelter and rescue organizations together into a common platform to collaborate, share information, transfer animals, and work toward balancing the supply and demand. He continues to innovate to provide more ways to help transport animals where they need to go. Since its launch in May, 2014, Doobert has grown to support over 27,000+ volunteers and 1,200+ organizations across the United States and Canada.

As Doobert lived life with an open heart and undying love, so too shall we; for we know that Doobert’s spirit lives on in the many animals in need and the countless people that work for their benefit. We honor him by using his name. May we always remember the enormity of his heart and old soul, as well as his boisterous, beautiful, bellowing meow.

- Chris Roy

Why we do what we do

By joining the Doobert community, you believe, like we do, that…

All animals deserve to live a life free from hunger and thirst; a life that is free from pain, injury, disease or discomfort; a life where they are free to exhibit their normal behavior and to live without fear or distress.

The companion animal overpopulation problem is one that was created by humans and one that can be solved by humans in responsible ways that do not include euthanization simply due to location specific overpopulation.

By working together as a community, sharing our resources, and supporting one another, we can have a more significant impact on the lives of animals than by working alone or in competition with one another.

Passion, purpose, and perseverance will overcome fear, uncertainty, and change as we work together to create a world where sentient beings co-habitat and live together in unity.

Together we can help more animals.

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