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8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop

Whether you’re planning to get your first family pet or getting a playmate for the one that you already have, we highly suggest dropping by your local animal shelter instead of heading for the pet store. Why, you ask? It’s because of these 8 wonderful reasons:


1. You save a life

According to statistics, each year, over 1 million animals are abused and approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized. In most cases, animals that are taken in or given up to shelters end up getting mercy-killed not because of illness, but simply because no one wants to adopt them.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking, but through adopting, you’ll be saving a life and giving an animal a chance to live a better life.

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop


2. You are not supporting puppy mills

Puppy mills and backyard breeders are pet-breeding facilities that continuously breed animals in unlivable conditions solely for profit. Animals in these facilities are often malnourished, and not being provided with any necessary veterinary care or treatment.

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop

Animals are forced to produce litter upon litter, suffering tremendously until they die, during which they are simply discarded like yesterday’s trash. And unfortunately, most pet stores get their supply of puppies and kittens from these facilities.

By opting to adopt, you’re helping to keep puppy mills and backyard breeders from making even more money and showing that you don’t support their cruel practices.


3. You help shelters and rescues free up space

Shelters take in homeless animals to keep them off the streets and help them find permanent homes. So by adopting your next furry companion from either a shelter or a rescue, you’ll be helping them free up space to save more animals.

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop


4. You adopt a pet that’s well cared for

Unlike animals from mass-breeding facilities, shelter animals are often well cared for. They’re usually already spayed/neutered, up-to-date on their vaccines, dewormed, microchipped, tested/treated for illnesses, and fed a proper diet.

Additionally, they go through a behavioral screening process before being approved for adoption, so you’ll not only be getting a healthy pet but also a well-tempered one.

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop


5. You pay less

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to a pet store and letting mass-breeding facilities profit from your purchase, you can bring home a furry pal for a small adoption fee or even for free from your local animal shelter.

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop


6. You skip the frustrations of puppy/kittenhood

Shelters have a wide selection of healthy adult pets, and if you decide to adopt one, you no longer have to deal with the frustrating stage of puppy or kittenhood.

Sure, baby animals are incredibly adorable, but like human kids, they require a lot of patience. You’ll need to train them, socialize them, and deal with their highly mischievous nature. Older pets, however, are a lot calmer and in most cases, have already been trained and socialized.

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop


7. You get free support and veterinary services

When you adopt from an animal shelter, you normally get free support and veterinary services. So you can rest assured that you have somewhere to turn to if you ever need medical care for your pet.

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop


8. You inspire others to do the same

Lastly, by adopting, you can inspire others to do so, as well. When your friends or family members ask where you got your pawsome new companion, tell them that you adopted him or her from your local animal shelter and encourage them to go there if they’re planning to get a furry friend!

8 Reasons to Adopt and Not Shop


What’s your favorite thing about adopting?

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