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9 gifts you can give your boss if they love animal rescue transport

We’ve all been searching for the perfect gift to give.  Whether for the white elephant gift at Christmas, or a Valentine’s day gift for the person you love, we know it’s hard to choose.  So here are some ideas for gifts for your favorite animal rescue transporters in your life.

1. Paper towels…lots of paper towels

2. USB device charger – sometimes we’re just not near an outlet.

3. Puppy Pads – if you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.

4. Speaking of bulk purchases…Poop bags – Yes, you can search for them on Amazon.

5. Your old towels – (Please wash them first though.)

6. Manilla envelopes, the big ones.

7. Starbuck’s gift cards – we can never have enough caffeine.

8. Slip leads – Just ask the guy at PetCo and he’ll show you.

9. Clorox Wipes – by the case please.

What's the best gift to get a pet rescuer? (image - dog running with ball)

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

What else do YOU want as a gift to support your rescue transports?


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