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A HONEY of a night!

I was asked to fill in from Greensboro to Durham, AND overnight the dogs. Originally 5 puppies, all but 1 got I’ll, but a “daddy” dog was added. The legs from Charlotte to Salisbury to Greensboro were going to be done by one person.

It was a late night run (8pm-11pm), and I had asked Doreen (run to Charlotte) to let me know when she transferred, so I would know the early/late run status. She texted me – no contact with the double-run guy.

I left early from Durham, ready for the possible extension of my trip. Sure enough, Doreen said “NO SHOW” with the transfer, and could I meet her halfway? Of course!
Her husband figured out the exit numbers, and cut in half. We did meet at the exit closest to that (exit 111, Archdale) and the adult dog was 60 lbs! Thank goodness only 1, not 5, puppies.
I got home about 10:45, put the dogs in our pre-set crates, and my wife kept OUR 3 dogs upstairs. Each travel dog needed walking and food (the pup was NPOG!) so lots of logistics and howling of uncertainty. I got to bed at 2am.

Thanks to Jennifer for showing up early Sunday to take the two dogs. Our three could then be “released” to pee poop potty, and be walked and fed.
I’m glad I like doing this. But the no-show was banned; no kidding!  I do about 1 run a week. This was a 2nd; I may have to cut back just a bit…..

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