Animal Rescue Flights is proud to be supported and powered by Doobert as the technology to match volunteers and organizations together to help save more animals.

Learn more about how Doobert works in this two-minute YouTube video where we explain how Doobert supports Volunteers & Organizations.

Are you looking for transport help?

Doobert only allows approved organizations to post a transport request to ensure the safety of the animals. If you’re an organization, SIGN-UP and we’ll get you started (it’s free).

If you’re an individual looking for transport help, check out our organization search page to find a nearby organization to assist you with the request.



  • Drivers, Pilots, Photographers, Fosters
  • Set your availability days and distance notifications
  • You maintain your profile and privacy settings
  • Participation is always “opt-in”


  • Rescue groups, Animal Shelters, Transport organizations
  • Create transport requests that automatically notify volunteers
  • Search for new rescues/shelter partners to source or send to
  • Create online fundraisers and sell products in the Rescue Store