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Animal Rescue of the Week: Episode 15 – One Tail at a Time PDX in Oregon

FB 15. One Tail At A Time PDX_Animal Rescue of the Week

FB 15. One Tail At A Time PDX_Animal Rescue of the Week


A quote from a volunteer of One Tail at a Time sums up what this organization is all about. “Puppies are generally easy, everyone loves and wants a puppy. But OTAT is so much more than just the easy work; it really is a labor of love and so much kindness. I think it’s important to discuss the hard side of the rescue process, and how it’s so necessary to find homes for elderly dogs, dogs who need a second chance, and sometimes make the hard decision to let dogs go who will never have a quality of life but each know so much love before they pass on. What OTATPDX does for so many animals really is one of the best things I’ve seen in my life.”

To learn more, please visit their Website, Facebook & Instagram!

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