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What the heck is animal rescue transporting?

animal rescue transport

If you’re new to Doobert and animal rescue, the word “transporting” might be a new term to you.  But never fear, we’re here to help you get on-boarded into the wonderful world of animal rescue.

Definition of transporting

First things first, let’s start with the definition of the word from the dictionary:

gerund or present participle: transporting
/tranˈspôrt/ take or carry (people, animals or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship.
Most people are familiar with the idea of transporting something, but they don’t always think about it in the context of moving rescue animals from one place to another.  They often think of the word “shipped” used to describe how they get their packages.  But in the animal rescue world, if we were to say that we “shipped” an animal, likely we’d get some angry looks so we use the word transport instead.

What is transporting in the context of animal rescue?

Now that you understand the context of where the word originated and why we use it in animal welfare, the next logical question is how does it convey what we’re actually doing to move animals around the country?

Sources & destinations

First, start with the simple idea that there are thousands of animal shelters in local communities across the country.  Most every county and all of the major cities have one or more animal shelter organizations. Often these are referred to as humane societies or animal control facilities.  While many of these local organizations receive their animals as strays or owner surrenders from within their local community, many more local animal shelters have excess capacity that they can offer to other organizations around the country.

Shipping & receiving

When you order something from, do you look at where the item is shipping from?  Or do you just trust that the Amazon Prime 2-day delivery service will get it to you?  None of the items on Amazon though are living, sentient beings (that we know of anyway!) so transporting an animal the same way as you would a package is not a realistic or humane way to go.  Therefore we need another way to get animals from areas of excess supply to areas where there is a demand from adopters looking for new animals.

How do volunteers play a part in transporting?

Ok so we’ve established that the warehouses (animal shelters) across the country need a way to have animals delivered to them, and that shipping them Amazon Prime style isn’t the smart way to go.  So then we know there has to be a better way to involve the thousands of volunteers that want to help animals and their local animal shelters.  Combine volunteering with transporting!

Animal Rescue Drivers

transportingAnimal rescue drivers are volunteers that sign up to be contacted by animal rescues and shelters when animals need a ride.  Think of it like volunteer Uber for rescue animals.  The ONLY service out there supporting these passionate volunteers is where they can sign up for free and indicate the days of the week they are available and how far they can drive.  Doobert will automatically notify them when there’s a transport or local ride that needs their help.

Animal Rescue Pilots

transportingThere are over a million pilots in the United States alone and they too often have a passion for animals.  Pilots can get involved with animal rescue transporting much like the drivers.  They can help transport animals where they need to go.  Once again is the only site that supports the leading animal flight organizations like Pilots to the Rescue,, Animal Rescue Flights and many others.  These pilots can fly further and faster than drivers along the road and they play a vital part in animal rescue transporting.

Airline Employee Animal Rescuers

flight attendant with dogOk stay with us here since we know that Airline Employees are not usually thought of as animal rescue transporters.  But you’d be wrong to think that.  Whether they work for American, Delta, United, Southwest or any of the other regional carriers, airline employees of all kinds are getting involved to help transport animals.  Pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers and even gate agents all get to fly for free on their respective airlines and they use their free passes to help transport animals.  And yes we know we sound like a broken record but is the only site that allows these wonderful volunteers to get involved.

Animal Rescue Photographers

Doobert PhotographerSo now you’re wondering how in the heck photographers are involved in animal rescue transporting.  When the drivers and pilots form a rescue relay, transporting animals from one volunteer to the next, the photographers get involved at the handoff points to capture the moment.  Volunteers caring for animals is definitely a photographic moment.  (Note: Doobert supports this too!)

Foster Homes for animals

cat sleepingMost people know what a foster home is and they assume that they need to care for the animals for weeks or months until a permanent home is found.  But when it comes to transporting, often the animals just need a place to crash overnight so foster homes play a vital part in providing a safe sleeping location for transports that are going long distance.  In a rescue relay transport, there could be 25-30 legs involved traveling thousands of miles.  Animal rescue foster homes provide safe stopping points along the way.

So there you have it. Transporting defined in detail.  Any questions?

What the heck is animal rescue transporting_

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