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Be known as a savior for animals

“For when the one great scorer comes to mark against your name, he writes – not that you won or lost – but how you played the game.”
from the poem “Alumnus Football” by Grantland Rice

One of the traits unique to humans is the desire to achieve recognition or to be known among your peers or even to complete strangers. We often strive to be recognized for our deeds, thanked for our contributions and appreciated for our actions. Where else did the “participation ribbon” come from. History has produced leaders that are both narcissistic and arrogant seeming to care more about their own grandeur than about the well-being of the people they serve but they achieve one thing for sure…recognition.

The quote I used this week is a favorite of my mothers and one that she has repeated to myself or my siblings over the years in an attempt to impart the wisdom of doing what is right. It’s a simple quote, but for me it causes internal discourse as I contemplate my actions and how I want others to see me for who I am. I have always been a self-critical person, my own biggest critic despite having loving support mechanisms throughout my life. Until I launched Doobert I struggled to find my purpose, my calling and I struggled to define how will I be known. How will people know me? Then it hit me. I want to be known as someone who saves animals.

There are so many opportunities for volunteerism in this world whether helping homeless people in the U.S. or abroad, advocating on behalf of the environment or education, or rallying support for cancers or other afflictions. The world is full of beautiful people who want to make a difference in the lives of others both now and in the future.

If you’re reading this, I would guess that you’re a lot like me. You’ve found that your passion in life is in helping those without a voice; helping those creatures that cannot always help themselves; helping save animals through your efforts and contributions of time and money. You are not looking for fame or recognition, but an occasional “Thank You” is not out of the question. You do not need people to fear you or envy you, except maybe to envy the happiness and contentedness that you have knowing you have found your calling and passion and feel complete.

I am humbled and proud to support you my fellow animal savior.

Volunteering with Doobert demonstrates your love for animals, and you will be forever known as their savior.


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