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As a Pilot, How Do I Setup My Doobert Account?


Dear Steve,

Just signed up, as a former ARF pilot. I also offered short term foster services. They I went to the User map and was surprised by 2 things. First, as a “Multi-User” I’m also a driver, up to 100 miles. Something I don’t recall offering to do.

But here’s my question (really an observation): when you filter the User map to look for pilots, I don’t appear. I suspect that the Pilot map does not have a smart function, i.e. it does not include those Pilots that are Multi-Users. This could lead a user to overlook resources in a particular area.




When it comes to the pilot stuff, I can certainly help out and hunt high and low for a helpful answer. But when it comes to operation of the site, we’ll have to call the tower for a progressive.

There are a number of self-help videos available on the site that might help answer your excellent operational question. See the section on Doobert Videos & Documents.

I understand Chris from Doobert has replied directly to you to answer your specific question. Other people who might have a similar software question can click on the “Contact Us” link which is usually on the side or bottom of the site.

Here is one of the help videos that applies to pilot profiles. While that video might not answer your specific question, it does contain some helpful information.

All of that being said, doesn’t it always seem that no matter what software you are using there is always some buried checkbox that needs to be ticked to make it work as you want?

If you’ve run into this issue, I’m sure others will as well and the brains behind will be happy to help you resolve the operational use of the software.

Now if you want to talk about pre-heating for cold weather flying, I’m your guy.

Thanks for writing in.

Steve Rhode
Dog Rescue Pilot

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