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Chummy – How to become a “Batman” in your city


Meet three guys who think everyone has a little superhero in them.

As much as they love the pay-it-forward model of giving back and volunteering, there is almost no way to identify the kind, like-minded fellows in the city.

Vitalii Betin, John Popel and Anton Zapolskyi are the three key players behind Chummy, the most straightforward app to ask for help and pay it forward. Just open the mobile app, post what you need help with on the map, respond to others’ needs.

Since the launch in Seattle right before 2018, Chummy has strived to become American social network of reciprocal help for kind, friendly and socially responsible people. The community that engages users to help each other and perform random acts of kindness daily. Like the real world Bat Signal, Chummy has been uniting caring individuals who enjoy helping others, paying it forward and making the world a better place. Literally.

There are three core features you may use Chummy for right now:

  • Find help anywhere, anytime;
  • Give a hand to other good people;
  • Be part of a united community of kindness.

“I was in a rural part of Israel, when I got Chummy installed on my iPhone”, recalls one of its earliest users. “I felt down because both of my laptops were out of service. I was quite sceptical at the beginning but decided just to post my need for a Windows re-installer on Chummy. And you know what? I was astonished when in about an hour a girl showed up  out of the blue with the right disk! I believe, Chummy is a kind of stranger who you may rely on more than most of your Facebook friends.”

“I don’t remember when I installed Chummy exactly,” says another early adopter of the app, “but I remember that night when I got a notification that a car accident had occurred nearby — nothing critical but the people involved were looking for some kindness on Chummy. That notification and their request just switched on my Batman mode and I brought them coffee and blankets to spare with a friendly support. When you do such things, good things for other good people — it’s addictive and contagious.”  – shares his experience another early Chummie.

ChummyDoing a good thing can be contagious, but the Chummy community didn’t populate itself overnight. The community has been grown to the current 64,000 kind people virally, they don’t use ads, bots or gimmicks. For the year of open beta testing, the team relied on viral growth while new user had the in-app functionality to send invitations out to friends and family. These days, it deeply depends on active sharing by its users with good trusted friends and other kind communities to grow.

That’s why we’re here to share them with you in hopes that you’ll see what we see in Chummy — a great way to fit more human kindness into our lives. If you share the idea of kindness and believe in paying it forward take a chance and check Chummy & you’ll be welcomed!

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