A Guide in Selecting the Most Suitable Dog Breeds for New Fur Parents

A pet dog can be an unwavering source of comfort, ...
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Blue Green Algae Toxicity – What Every Fur Parent Should Know

Having an animal companion is one of the most joyous ...
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Preventing Hyperlipidemia in Your Best Fur Friends: What You Need to Know

Hyperlipidemia in cats and dogs refers to elevated levels of ...
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A Better Vision is Your Responsibility

Your fur baby’s eyesight is of vital importance to their ...
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Things You Should Know Before Bringing Your Fur Baby with You On A Hike

Bringing your dog along on a hike can be a ...
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Beyond Companionship: Jobs for Your Four-Legged Companion

Did you know that beyond their fluffiness and cuteness, our ...
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How Do Dogs Deal With Loss of Their Best Fur Friend?

Ever had two fur babies grow together? Sometimes, life can ...
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The Science Behind Catnip and its Effects on your Purr Baby

Catnip, also known by its scientific name Nepeta cataria, is ...
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Tips on How to Prevent your Tabby from Scratching Furniture

We love our tabbies no matter what and nothing can ...
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Rising Temperatures, Rising Risks: Protecting Your Pup from Heat Stroke

Heat stroke in pets, also known as hyperthermia, occurs when ...
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