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Remember Your Pet with a Living Memorial

Remember Your Pet with a Living Memorial

When adopting a pet, you are welcoming a new member to your family. A companion that will be by your side for all the twists and turns life throws your way. We often hear about all the fun, quirky little things you and this furry friend do on a daily basis but what happens when you are struck with the devastating loss of that friend? 

We know all too well the heartbreak of losing a pet: the sadness, the fear, and the frustration. But we also know the happiness that comes later: the warmth in sharing memories with others, the pride in remembering their legacy, and the peace in accepting our loss.

"Let Your Love Grow fosters joy and remembrance
as we give our loved ones a new life."

LYLG Soil Mixtures for Living Memorials

Turn your pet’s cremated ashes into something beautiful and extraordinary, just as their life was. Whether it be a simple succulent, a houseplant, an entire patio of plants or even a tree, their life will be carried on beyond their death.

Let Your Love Grow is a patented, all-organic mixture designed to blend with cremated pet ashes and create an environmentally friendly way to remember your pet. From planting to scattering to burying, Let Your Love Grow helps you give life back.

How Living Memorial Works

Remember Your Pet with a Living Memorial

Blend – Mix LYLG with cremated remains to create a perfectly balanced substance for the environment. Now you’re free to explore several eco-friendly memorial options.

Plant – When combined with a loved one’s cremated remains, LYLG frees your imagination to create a living memorial that embodies their spirit and the relationship you shared.

Scatter – Rather than keep them in an urn, many find it natural to spread their loved one’s ashes across a special place. Wherever their ashes may blow, LYLG ensures they give life back to the earth. We recommend letting them sit with our LYLG mixture for a period of time to reach normal pH and sodium levels. Please refer to the directions when you place your order.

Bury – For those who’d rather not plant, LYLG makes burying ashes eco-friendly. Rest assured that when you return to that special place, it looks even more beautiful than when you left it.

Remember Your Pet with a Living Memorial

Remember, it is okay to grieve.

After losing a pet, you owe yourself the permission to mourn the loss just as you would a person. How and when you grieve is a personal decision, but we recommend that you set aside a time each day to remember and process your emotions. Take the time to remember your furry little companion before deciding what to do with their ashes. 

This is a big decision and one that you might want to consider before the event actually takes place. Please know that Doobert and Let Your Love Grow have partnered together to be there for pet parents during this tough time and to reassure you that you are not alone in this. 

Together, let’s make something beautiful! 

Thank you Bob and Annette Jenkins for the Let Your Love Grow concept and content. Doobert is proud to be in partnership with you! 

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