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Say Hello to Smarter Communication with Doobert’s Chatbot Plugin!

Save time & say hello to the Doobert Chatbot! This innovative AI tool provides human-like responses when asked questions by your website visitors – no more sitting on your computer and just waiting!

To get started, you only need 2 things. One, have an active organization account on Doobert & two, your website will need to be on WordPress. * The Doobert Chatbot will not currently work if you have a website on GoDaddy, Wix, etc.

Log into your Doobert account and follow these simple steps to start using the plugin today!

Step 1: Simply click on the chatbot plugin in the header

Doobert's Chatbot Plugin A Step-by-Step Guide 1


Step 2: Download the plugin

A zip file containing the chatbot plugin will be downloaded to your device.


Step 3: Install the plugin on WordPress

Head over to your WordPress website and add the downloaded file from step 2. Navigate to the “Plugins” section on the left sidebar. Click on “Add New Plugin.”

Doobert's Chatbot Plugin A Step-by-Step Guide 3


Step 4: Upload the plugin

To add the plugin, click on the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page. Select the zip file you downloaded earlier and “Install Now.Doobert's Chatbot Plugin A Step-by-Step Guide 3

Step 5: Activate the plugin

Don’t forget to activate the plugin to get started.

Doobert's Chatbot Plugin A Step-by-Step Guide 3


Step 6: Choose your defaults

Tailor the chatbot to suit your organization’s needs by choosing which pages you want the chatbot to show on, how to interact with your community by choosing your default greeting and your quick question prompts. Don’t forget to add your email if you want to be the first to learn about new releases!


7. Customize your colors & logos!

You can make the chatbot all your own, changing colors and logos! Within the plugin, head over to the tab called “design settings”

If you want to be part of our beta group for testing new functionalities, email us at with “Chatbot Beta Testing” in the subject line. There are limited spaces available and new functionality includes: multilingual capabilities, adding offline content such as foster manuals, pet-matching & allowing your community to shop while you earn 5% back!

Let us know how to make the chatbot more user-friendly by emailing us at

Ready to take your organization’s website to the next level?
Sign up for Doobert today to unlock access to the Chatbot Plugin and other exclusive features.

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