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Chico and Paco Move to Minnesota (and get renamed)

These two chihuahua pups traveled from Milford Delaware to the west of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. A long long way for these tiny lads. We received them near the end of their trip. Quiet, benign pups. We were slotted to go from Mauston WI to Osseo WI along the Interstate. The plan was to be met by the adopted family…the boys’ new pack.

I talked to Katie in advance. The drive from her home to Osseo would be very long. She has a family, with three kids. So I suggested my wife and I could deviate from the plan. Instead of Osseo, we could travel across to the Mississippi River and up the Minnesota shore a ways to meet them in Lake City. An extra two hours driving but we had the time. I duly got clearance from the transport coordinator.  And the countryside was beautiful in the sun.
We all met at a coffee shop in Lake City. The dogs immediately responded to their new family. Before long they were Stanley (the outgoing one), and Coco (the shy one). We all wore our Covid masks and Viv and I enjoyed seeing the heartwarming joy the new family showed. A long string of drivers (and a pilot too, I think) made it possible, but we were the lucky ones to be there at the culmination of the project. A great day.

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