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Colorado Annie

Colorado Annie

Above and Beyond Transports done a fine job with this transport. The run sheets and communication information was provided in a timely manner, making it easy for us transporters to communicate with our Pickup and Dropoff Connections and setting up our meeting places, well ahead of time. Annie was such a sweet dog. She was a great little traveler. Just laid down the whole leg and didn’t hear a word out of her. Very loving and adorable. Enjoyed this transport. And as always, it’s a joy meeting such wonderful people on these runs. Here are a few photos of Annie in Columbia Missouri.

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  1. Cindy March 26, 2018 at 5:52 pm - Reply

    I have also transported for Above and Beyond Transports a couple of times in Wisconsin. They were well-organized and on top of things.

    It makes a HUGE difference for a driver. We tend to chose those transports that go smoothly because of the behind-the-scenes people (and remember those that don’t). Like, “hey, can you also stick this Great Dane and St. Bernard in your car” when you pull up for your leg. Although that type of thing is usually the result of another driver not showing up, not the transport, and of course, I’ve never had that happen. I’ve been asked to smoosh in a few more dogs, but not quite that big!

    Annie is a cutie – I hope she was going to her furever home.

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