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Crazy Cute Confetti

Confetti traveled from Virginia Beach to East Machias, ME for She’s 2 years old, was found as a stray, is a sweetheart, and has a LOT of energy — she had already chewed through one leash and most of the way through her harness by the time I got her! I drove her from Edgewood, MD to Bellmawr, NJ.

So I’m driving up I-95, and all of a sudden she’s got both front legs on my right shoulder and her head under my chin. Did she want to drive? She was tethered in the back seat, but she was so long (and determined), that she was able to reach me. I got off the highway and put her on a shorter tether. There was much wagging, kissing, and wrestling.

As we approached the Delaware Memorial Bridge, the sky over New Jersey was jet black. I put on the radio, and they said there was a tornado warning, and a possible tornado had hit near Moorestown Mall — basically where I was going. I pulled over for 5 minutes and watched some very dramatic lightning, but I was still in sunshine. News radio seemed to put Confetti to sleep — she was lying down and finally relaxing.

When I started driving again, traffic was very slow and the roads were wet, but I never actually got rained on. I handed Confetti off to her next driver, and it turned out she hadn’t been relaxing — she’d been chewing through another leash! Luckily the next driver had a new harness and leash for her. Confetti continued on to her new foster home in Maine, where I hope they’ll give her lots of chew toys!

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