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Creating New Foster Activities This New Year

As we approach the new year, it’s the perfect time to revamp and expand your foster care program. By creating new foster activities, you can provide alternative housing arrangements for pets in need engage your community, and showcase the lifesaving impact they can have on your organization. In this blog, we will explore new foster activities to attract more foster volunteers.

Creating Foster Care Manuals for Foster Activities

To ensure that your foster caregivers are well-prepared and equipped to care for their foster pets, it’s crucial to develop comprehensive foster care manuals for each type of fostering opportunity your organization offers. These manuals should cover essential information that may seem obvious to you but could be unfamiliar to your foster caregivers. Some key topics to include are:

  • Home Preparation: Provide instructions on creating a safe and suitable environment for foster pets within their homes.
  • Medical Care: Outline expectations for basic medical care, including vaccinations and deworming, and specify where and how this care will be administered.
  • Bringing the Animal Home: Guide what to do when bringing the foster animal home, including introductions to existing pets if applicable.
  • Routine Daily Care: Explain the daily care responsibilities, such as feeding, exercise, grooming, and socialization.
  • Medical and Emergency Protocols: Detail procedures to follow in medical emergencies and provide contact information for veterinary support.
  • Behavior Support: Offer resources and guidance on managing and addressing common behavioral issues that may arise.
  • Adoption Assistance: Share strategies on how foster caregivers can actively contribute to finding permanent homes for their foster pets.

Effective Recruitment Strategies

To attract more foster volunteers, it’s essential to develop effective recruitment strategies. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Marketing Materials: Create eye-catching marketing materials for print, local news channels, social media platforms, volunteer recruiting websites (such as and, and your organization’s website. Utilize tools like Canva, TikTok, Adobe Creative Cloud, or Wevideo to create engaging content regularly.
  • Online Foster Application: Simplify the application process by creating an online foster application on your organization’s website. This allows interested individuals to sign up conveniently and efficiently.
  • Open House Events: Host recurring open house events and invite community members to attend. These events not only inform the community about your organization’s lifesaving programs but also provide an opportunity to engage potential foster volunteers. Encourage volunteers to lead these events, freeing up staff time and fostering a sense of ownership within the foster program.

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