The decision to move to a once daily email for everyone was to try and balance out the needs of all of the awesome Doobert volunteers and organizations. With over 13,000 volunteers and over 400 organizations now, a good portion of the Doobert volunteer base is getting lots of emails simply because they are in a commonly travelled area for rescue relay transports (Ex: Atlanta). Other volunteers may not hear from Doobert if they are in a less frequently travelled state (Ex: Montana) so we want to be able to engage them as well so they are a part of the animal rescue community. You can still opt-in to more real-time, frequent emails but we are trying to balance out everyone’s needs.
If you’d like to get your notifications right away, simply login to your Doobert profile and update the Notification settings to be real-time. Then you’ll be able to get your emails about new transports immediately, just like you do today with no delays.

Emails included in Daily Digest by default:

  • New Transport Requests – Any new transport requests published since your last daily email digest will display. Additionally you will be able to see the status of any transports you already signed up for (i.e. how many legs are filled)
  • Transport changes & updates – Changes such as timing, or leg changes will show in your daily digest now instead of being separate emails.
  • New animal profile notifications – If you configured your settings to be notified of particular animal profiles, these will now be in the daily emails instead of immediate.
  • Feedback reminders – Reminders after a transport to provide feedback will be only sent in the daily digest.
  • Add photos/story reminders – Reminders after a transport to add your story and photos will only be sent in the daily digest.

Emails NOT included in Daily Digest by default:

  • Cancelled /Confirmed Transport email notification – Given the significance of emails related to a transport being cancelled or confirmed, these will still be sent immediately.
  • Volunteer recommending leg notification – Volunteers recommending leg changes to a TC will still be sent immediately
  • Notification of new message – Messages from one volunteer or organization to another will still be sent immediately
    As always we welcome your feedback and suggestions for how we can continue to make the Doobert system more helpful. Click the Help/Support button and let us know!
If you unsubscribe to the email you will not receive notifications about new transports and other activities and will have to check the system regularly to find transports matching your profile. Alternatively you can use the Doobert mobile app to do the same.
We love questions, suggestions and even complaints. It’s how we make things better. If you have questions you can click the Help/Support button down below and let us know. We’re happy to help.

If you are connected to an organization you will notice that there is a second section in your daily email that is dedicated to the organization notifications.  If you are not connected to an organization, you will not see this section.