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DIY Wiffle Ball Treat Holder

Wiffle Ball Treat Holder

Wiffle Ball Treat Holder

Would you like to give your pet something fun to play with while also giving them a tasty treat? Well, then this wiffle ball treat holder is the perfect DIY for you and your companion, plus it is super easy and simple to make. These can be made for your dog, cat, pig, bird, any pet really.

Materials Needed:

  • wiffle ball
  • pet treats
  • string (optional)


  1.  If you have decided to use string, tie it through a hole in the wiffle ball so that if you’re wanting to hang it for your pet it will dangle down for them to bat and swat while trying to get the tasty treat out.
  2. Add any special treats your pet may like to enjoy into the wiffle ball, make sure they are big enough so they do not slip out too easily but also keep an eye on how big the treat you’re adding in so that your pet can still get it out. It is no fun if they cannot get those yummy treats out!
  3. And just like that, you are done. Hang it in their cage or drop it on the ground and let them do the rest.

Please be advised when giving these to your pet that they do not eat any part of the wiffle ball, we do not want any pets getting sick.

Wiffle Ball Treat Holder


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