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Dog Adoption Tip #17 – Dog Meets Dog

dog introduction

Today’s tip is about introducing your newly adopted dog to other dogs in your family. Always keep an eye on them while they’re getting accustomed to one another.  Don’t leave them alone until you’re confident that there’s no aggression present at all.  Many rescue groups want to meet your existing pet. In fact, they want to meet everybody in the family that will come in contact with your new dog.  If you are adopting a dog from a shelter, bring your current dog to the shelter so they can meet your potential new dog on that neutral territory. 

dog adoption

When Ninja met Gonzo it was a few blocks away from our house. Gonzo doesn’t like anyone at first, but within a minute, as soon as he realized Ninja wasn’t going to hurt him, he chilled out and they were walking side by side. We walked back to my house and they were able to run around in the back yard and play together. It’s been mostly a loving relationship ever since.


Here is today’s tip:

When you’re introducing a new dog to your family dog, be sure they meet on neutral territory and get a chance to know each other before coming home.  They may not love each other at first but they should at least be able to tolerate one another.  There’s a good chance they will like each other, but there are no guarantees of course. If any pets are ever showing any aggression be sure to separate them. Then you can try to reintroduce them slowly.


Always contact a trainer or a behaviorist if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thanks for reading, and you can always check out more information in What To Expect When Adopting A Dog

Proper Introductions

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