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Don’t let others words define YOU.

“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me.” – – Stuart Smalley

If you were a fan of Saturday Night Live during the 90s you’d likely remember this famous character, Stuart Smalley. Every episode of Daily Affirmations started out the same way with Stuart re-affirming his worth in the mirror in a serious but very comical way. It was a cute sketch and obviously memorable to me even today but I think it also has some lessons that can be applied in everyday life.

We often rely on other people to affirm who we are; whether for what to wear, how to act or even what to drive. Whether family or friends, co-workers or even complete strangers, we look to those that we interact with to validate our choices. As I have blogged about in the past, the world of animal rescue can often be negative, petty and competitive despite the fact that we are all focused on the same goal of saving animals. Human nature comes into play and groups and organizations compete to differentiate themselves from other people and organizations to satisfy their own desires for recognition or attention. I’d like to say that all of the competition is healthy and positive however it often results in name-calling or bashing of people or organizations that are at odds with one another. Alliances are formed, and feuds and rivalries develop often more in the virtual online world than in the real world.

The result is an extra strain on well-meaning and hard-working volunteers and organizations just trying to do their best to make a positive dent in the problem we all seek to solve. I have talked to many a volunteer or organization founder who stopped contributing to animal rescue given the strain and stress caused by the negativity of others inflicted on them even though we all share a common cause for animals.

So the next time you’re feeling berated or barraged by negativity, or if you’re being targeted by another person or organization for something you did or did not do, remember the words of Stuart Smalley. “You ARE good enough, you ARE smart enough and doggone it, people DO like you.” Although many of us have not met, I for one like you. If you’re reading this you’re an animal rescuer and therefore someone I like. You are a part of Team Doobert, a supportive, collaborative and progressive community of like-minded individuals that believe we all have a part to play in saving animals.

Is there a quote or story that inspires you? Please share with us.

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