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Doobert in the News: Orlando Weekly

Doobert was part of a news story in the Orlando Weekly recently. Chris Roy, the brains behind Doobert and pilot Mike Young chatted about how all types of people come together to rescue dogs in trouble.

Chris said, “The pilots and ground volunteers donate their time, vehicles and gas because they know that these animals deserve a chance at a better life,” he says. “They don’t ask for anything in return.”

I invite you to read the full story online.

Young and Roy agree that the joy in the job comes from the love they receive from the animals they’ve saved. The thanks they get is spoken in the universal language of a wagging tail or a slobbery grin. “Many people may think I’m crazy, but these animals in a rescue-relay transport know you are saving them and bringing them to a better place,” Roy says. “You can see the look of relief in their eyes, and see the smiles on their face when they meet you.”

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