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Local Organization Featured in New York City NBC Special

This Friday, July 29th, of Pewaukee, WI will be featured in a Clear the Shelters segment on New York City’s NBC news. is a unique animal transport system where volunteers can sign up to volunteer to photograph animals, foster animals, transport animals and more! This software helps solve the most difficult aspect of coordinating animal rescues: transportation.

On Tuesday, June 21st, volunteers transported five nine-week-old Chihuahua puppies from Leland, MS to their new rescue in White Plains, NY. and Animal Rescue Flights teamed up to bring the rescued pups to the SPCA of Westchester where they received care until their adoptions.  Volunteers came together to fly the puppies on four separate legs, the last of which an NBC affiliate joined to film.

The segment filmed is a Clear the Shelters series.  With this series, they will highlight the volunteers’ dedication to rescuing animals and saving lives every day.

The segment can be streamed live Friday, July 29th at 7PM EST on nationwide. Afterwards, the segment can be viewed on

Volunteers and organizations can sign up for free to rescue more animals at


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