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Doobert Pro

Take your rescue endeavors to the next level with our Pro plan, priced at just $149 per month! This plan is our comprehensive solution designed to elevate your shelter management experience. Tailored for larger organizations and those with advanced requirements, this third-tier plan offers a robust set of features to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and maximize impact. Elevate your mission, surpass your objectives, and keep making a lasting impact in the lives that matter most.

and Rise

Take your endeavors to new heights with our Companion Case Management module! Experience the power of improved organization, automation, and beyond. This isn’t just software – it’s a transformative adventure for the thoughtful management of cases and animals!

From Raw Data to Rich Insights

Our customized reporting for animal shelters and rescues goes beyond standard analytics. Dive in and create reporting templates that empower shelters to optimize operations, track specific information, and enhance animal welfare. Unleash the power of tailored reporting for a more efficient and compassionate approach to animal care.

Supporting Your Cause,
One Purchase at a Time

We understand the importance of financial support for your ongoing mission of compassion. With the Doobert Forward Store, we’ve made it simple for your organization to benefit from the generosity of pet lovers everywhere.

Every time someone shops for their pet essentials, your organization directly receives 5% of the proceeds, contributing to the well-being of the animals you tirelessly care for.

Other Plan Options

Forever Free

Unleash the powerful tools to take your rescue efforts further without breaking the bank!

Doobert Elite​

Dive into the next level of rescue excellence with our Elite plan at just $99 per month!