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Did you know Doobert supports Fundraising?


Doobert does more than just transport.  We also help you with your fundraising efforts!

By now you know how amazing Doobert is for animal rescue transport but there’s even more functionality that you may not be aware of that you already have access to as an approved Doobert organization.

Doobert supports normal fundraising and pledge now, collect later as well

One of the best features of Doobert’s fundraiser module is that we give you the flexibility to raise funds according to your needs.

Collect Funds fundraisers

Of course we feature the normal “collect funds” type fundraisers where you indicate what you are raising money for and we generate the pages, track the donations and route the money directly into your PayPal account.  You can create as many of these as you’d like and share them on social media with just a click.

doobert fundraising

Pledge only fundraisers

Often times in animal rescue, you need to do fundraising for animals that you’re not 100% sure you can raise enough for in time.  Rather than having to issue refunds, you can do a pledge only type fundraiser in Doobert.

The way it works is that we track for you what people say they will fund, and help you track your overall progress.  Then, when you’re ready to confirm their pledges, we’ll automatically email the pledgers that you’ve reached your goal and we’ll send them a link to your PayPal so they can pay up.

You can fundraise for a specific animal or for your organization needs in general

We know your organization always needs funds so in addition to creating fundraisers for specific animals, we also allow you to create fundraisers that are more generic to your organization.

We’ll even feature a PayPal button automatically on your Organization’s public page.

Need to specify and track donations for specific sub-items that you need funds for?  We’ve got you covered!

Money-BucketOne of the important things in non-profit fundraising is keeping track of specified donations where the donor is donating to a specific task or component and not just the general fund.

Whether this is vet bills versus overall care for an animal, or maybe specific items in your organization’s need list, Doobert allows you create sub-items and then we facilitate the donor to either contribute directly to the overall fund, or to specific sub-items.

Got an idea for the fundraiser module in Doobert?  Tell us!

As a Doobert user you’re important to our community and we always want to hear from you.  If you have ideas on how we can make our fundraiser functionality even better, please, tell us!  We love supporting you and are always looking for new ways to save you time so you can save more animals.

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