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Episode 22 – India Le Marinel, Hope for the Animals

Episode 22 – India Le Marinel, Hope for the Animals

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In this episode, we talk with India Le Marinel. Originally from the UK, India has traveled and lived all over the world. She grew up surrounded by pets and has always been very passionate about animal welfare. After studying for a bachelor of science degree in Conservation Biology at The University of Aberdeen, India decided to travel on her own to explore the world, volunteering on various marine conservation and animal projects throughout her travels. Her travel took her to Guatemala where she volunteered with a local Animal Welfare NGO while living in Antigua and she ended up managing that shelter for over a year. She is now the Manager of the Hope for the Animals Program at Mayan Families, India uses her experience to help improve animal welfare in the Lake Atitlán region. To learn more about Hope for the Animals and Mayan Families, you can visit there website,

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