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Episode 23 – Erica Bishaf, PetGotchaDay

23 Erica Bishaf _FB

23 Erica Bishaf _FB

We talk with Erica Bishaf, the founder of PetGotchaDay. Erica lives in Chicago, Illinois with her two dogs, Einstein and Ashley. Erica has been an active volunteer at various animal shelters throughout the Chicagoland area since 2002. PetGotchaDay partners with shelters and rescues across the nation to introduce people to adoptable pets. PetGotchaDay exists to increase pet adoptions and reduce the incidence of euthanasia nationwide through empowering animal welfare organizations with revolutionary 360-degree video technology to engage, delight and motivate potential adopters as they watch adoptable pets. To learn more about PetGotcha Day, you can visit their website,

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