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Episode 25 – Dr. Lynne Swanson, Safe Harbor Farm K9 Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

25 Dr. Lynne Swanson_FB

25 Dr. Lynne Swanson_FB


Dr. Lynne is the person responsible for the routines and policies that make Safe Harbor Farm K9 Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, in coastal North Carolina, a notably peaceful, supportive and fun place to be a dog in transition. Her background includes work as a veterinarian, veterinary technician, trainer, shelter worker, and long-time rescuer, she has spent most of her fifty-plus years living and working with groups of twenty to forty dogs at a time. Dr. Lynne’s first book, “Learning DOG,” helps shelter personnel, rescuers, veterinary staff, and trainers in seven countries, and she is proud to be part of an educational effort that recognizes the many things humans can learn from their canine companions. To learn more about Dr. Lynne and Safe Harbor Farm, you can visit their website,

To purchase Learning Dog, you can find it here,

To purchase Smile!, you can find it here,

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