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Episode 31 – Jeanine Foucher, Pet Net Washington

31 Jeanine Foucher_FB

31 Jeanine Foucher_FB

Jeanine Foucher is the Executive Director of Pet Net Washington, a family foundation in Seattle. In her role as ED, she provides leadership, vision, and strategic direction to fulfill the foundation’s mission of ending the euthanasia of adoptable animals and reducing animal overpopulation in Washington State. For the past twenty years, Jeanine has been involved in philanthropy as a fundraiser, project manager, event producer, and most recently, a grantmaker, she is committed to achieving philanthropic and programmatic goals. Jeanine has been committed to seeing all animals treated with compassion and promoting pet adoption as a wonderful way to add to your family. Recently, Jeanine undertook a statewide data collection project to help inform and prioritize the foundation’s funding priorities. Utilizing data to drive funding and programs is of critical importance in animal welfare and she hopes all shelters and rescues embrace this strategy. Jeanine tells us how she got started in animal rescue, data collection efforts and what she has found, programs Pet Net has put in place and so much more! To learn more you can find Pet Net Washington here,

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