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Look beyond the public glory and you will find a true animal rescuer

Look beyond the public glory and you will find a true animal rescuer

“Whenever you see a successful person, you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them.” –Vaibhav Shah

How many times have you found yourself jealous of someone else and either what they have, or some sort of recognition that they have achieved? If you’re being honest with yourself you have done it at least once in your life, I know I have.

One of the dark sides that many do not realize about animal rescue is the competition that takes place between the many different animal rescue organizations and even between the local animal shelters. It is though they all share the same perception that there is a fixed number of animal loving donors, or a finite number of passionate animal volunteers to help them with rescue transport and fostering.

Many a time I have seen an outstanding animal rescue organization get recognized for their good deeds and work and then hear the sneers and criticisms of other organizations in their local community complaining that they did not receive the recognition or that such and such organization doesn’t do as much as they do for the animals.

Does it feel like other pet rescuers get the glory? - (image - dog with ruff).

But honestly, you have no idea how much effort and how many long hours they put in over the years prior to receiving that accolade. Unless you’re working for that group, you do not have factual information to criticize or downplay their achievements. It’s hard to not feel jealousy when see someone else getting what we want. I have found myself jealous many times when I see other organizations receiving more recognition than Doobert does.

But I correct myself and remind myself that for as many long hours and weekends as I have put into Doobert, others have spent countless more. For the almost 5 years that Doobert has been around, it’s still in its infancy when compared to other organizations and animal rescue professionals that have been saving animals for decades. I am humbled to be considered one of them and thankful that I am able to make my contribution to this passionate community.

So the next time you feel that jealousy welling up, stuff it back down and remember that your efforts are important and they do matter and right now it’s just someone else’s turn to get the attention and the thank yous and you should be proud of them and support their accomplishments.

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