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Fireworks Safety For our Furbabies

Firework Safety For our Furbabies

New Year’s Eve is coming in a few days and you know what that means, you and your pet have survived 2022! To celebrate that milestone, let’s light up the fireworks and light up the night sky!


But hold up – as pet parents, it’s important to remember that fireworks can be a source of stress and anxiety for our beloved pets. 


Here are some things to consider before your New Year’s Eve celebration with your pet:


The loud noises that fireworks make can be very frightening and stressful for pets. Dogs and cats have much more sensitive hearing than humans, so the sounds of fireworks can be especially jarring for them. This can cause them to become anxious, agitated, or even aggressive.

Firework Safety For our Furbabies


The combination of loud noises and unfamiliar sights and smells can be overwhelming for pets, leading to increased stress levels. Stress can manifest in a variety of ways in pets, including panting, shaking, hiding, or attempting to escape.



The bright flashes and sparks from fireworks can cause pets to become disoriented or confused, which can lead to them accidentally injuring themselves. In addition, some pets may try to chew on or play with fireworks, which can result in burns or other injuries.


Lost pets

The chaos and confusion caused by fireworks can lead some pets to become lost or run away. Make sure your pets are properly microchipped and wearing identification tags to increase the chances of being reunited if they do become lost.

Firework Safety For our Furbabies


How to Keep Your Pets Safe on New Year’s Eve?


To protect your pets from the negative effects of fireworks, it is important to take a few simple precautions:


Keep your pets indoors

If possible, try to keep your pets inside during fireworks displays. This will help to reduce noise and light exposure and minimize the risk of injury or escape.


Create a safe space

Set up a quiet, comfortable space for your pets to retreat to if they become scared or anxious. This can be a crate or a room with soft bedding and plenty of toys and distractions.


Tire your pet thru exercise

Take your dog for a good, long walk or a lot of tiring playtimes a few hours before the fireworks display to tire him out. By exhausting him, you can help your dog feel less uncomfortable and possibly avoid later-in-the-evening anxiety attacks.

Firework Safety For our Furbabies


Use calming techniques

Keep the radio or TV on if you intend to be out during the fireworks so that your pet can be distracted by more relaxing music in their own little space rather than hearing them.


Dogs who listen to classical music report feeling less anxious, which has been confirmed by science. If you want to soothe your dog down while there are fireworks, you can play this calming music on repeat.


Be prepared

If you know that your pet is particularly sensitive to loud noises or fireworks, it is important to be prepared. Keep your pet’s identification tags up to date and make sure that they are microchipped in case they do happen to escape.


By following these simple steps, you can help to ensure that your pets have a safe and stress-free New Year’s Eve. Don’t forget to also consider your neighbors and their pets when setting off fireworks, and be sure to follow all local laws and regulations. 


From your Doobert family, we are wishing you and your loved ones a fruitful and joyous 2023!

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