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Five Bunnies enjoying the ride.

It was a pleasure to be able to transport Lenny and Ziggy up to St. Mary’s after their surgeries and I hope they heal well.  Then on the return was Mocha, Pumpernickel, and Lord Faulteroy (excuse if misspelled).  All so pretty.  The most active was Mocha.  His story of survival was inspiring and he was the most vocal  of all during the trip and looked out.  He was on the back seat riding shotgun.  So handsome.  Not sure he will be up for adoption for long.

Transporting bunnies is different from doggies.  I can still talk to them but if the bunnies respond, you do not hear it.  However, getting kisses and giving hugs are a little different.

Glad to meet all of the ladies that were involved.  Much blessings.


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