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Focus on adding value not on being considered a success

success value

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
-Albert Einstein

Those of you that know me know that I work a full-time day-job in order to be able to keep Doobert running.  That leaves evenings and weekends for me to focus on building Doobert out further and providing content in the form of blogs or other media.

Lazy, cat on keyboardOver the years, many people have questioned why I continue to do this when Doobert clearly is not a revenue generating company and I literally work 7 days a week when you consider all of the day job and Doobert activities together.  So why do this and why not go back to lazy Saturdays napping on the couch or watching Packers football on Sunday afternoons?  Why do I pour my money and time and brain power into this on a regular basis taking time away from family and friends and other activities that I enjoy?

The truth is that I do enjoy technology and I enjoy the opportunity to bring technology to help solve problems in animal rescue.  The quote I used today really speaks to me and helps answer this conundrum of working long days and nights and still not being successful by some measurements.  Honestly, I am not worried about being “successful” with Doobert, but rather I am focused entirely on adding value to the animal rescue volunteers and organizations that are working to save animals.  In my mind Doobert was successful the moment it helped bring one new volunteer into animal rescue relay transport.  Doobert is successful every time we support a transport coordinator to successfully fill the legs of their relay transport.  And Doobert will be successful as we continue to add new functionality and options to support many different types of organizations.

Rescue dog - Ask yourself how you know you're a success?

When you focus on adding value, you tend to ignore the measuring stick of success that others use because you know that what you are doing matters.

Successful and happy life

If your animal rescue activities are making a difference to animals, you are successful and you should be proud of what you are doing.

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