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Frozen Chew Toy

Frozen Chew Toy

Frozen Sock Chew Toy

We all know that our pups love to chew on things but chew toys can be very expensive especially if your dog is going through them faster than you can buy them! What if you could make a chew toy that could keep your dog busy for a while without emptying your pocket? Here it is, the frozen sock chew toy. It is VERY easy to make with little materials needed. Please be advised that when giving these to your furry friend that you keep a close eye on them and make sure they do not eat the sock. Remember, these are CHEW toys. We do not want any dogs getting sick!

Materials Needed:

  • 2 socks (the longer the better)
  • Water
  • Freezer


  1. Tie one of the socks into a ball (it does not have to be perfect) and put it into the other sock and continue to wrap and tie that sock into a ball as well.
  2. Soak the socks in water and be sure that all areas are wet.
  3. Put the wet socks into the freezer until frozen. (No dripping water)
  4. Give to your pet to enjoy

Please again be sure that your pup does not eat the socks. Thank you nubabuba for this very neat idea!

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