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Fun Ways to Raise Funds: Creative Fundraising Ideas for Animal Shelters

Fun and Unique Fundraising Ideas for Animal Shelters and Rescues

Let’s face it, fundraising for your rescue operations can be a challenging task. But, it doesn’t have to be boring! It’s time to get creative and raise funds for your animals in care, the fun way!


Here are some creative ideas that will not only raise funds but also help you engage with your community and spread awareness about the importance of animal welfare!


Idea #1: Host a Pet Show

Hosting a virtual pet show is a great way to engage with pet owners in your area. 


Encourage pet owners to submit photos of their pets, and then create categories such as best dressed, most talented, cutest, etc. 


Charge a small entry fee for each category and award prizes to the winners. You can even partner with local businesses to donate prizes for the winners.

Fun and Unique Fundraising Ideas for Animal Shelters and Rescues


Idea #2: Organize a Doggy Dash

A charity dog walk is a fun way to raise funds for animal shelters and rescues. You can encourage participants to bring their dogs and walk a designated route. 


Participants can pay a registration fee, and you can even sell t-shirts or other merchandise to raise additional funds. You can also ask local businesses to sponsor the event, and their logos can be printed on the t-shirts.


Idea #3: Host a Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love sweets? A bake sale is a classic fundraiser that never goes out of style. 


You can ask volunteers to bake pet-themed treats and sell them at a local farmer’s market or community event. You can even create a pet-themed recipe book and sell it to raise additional funds.

Fun and Unique Fundraising Ideas for Animal Shelters and Rescues


Idea #4: Host a Trivia Night

Hosting a trivia night can be an excellent way to raise funds for your animal shelter or rescue. 


You can create pet-themed trivia questions, and participants can pay to participate in the game. To make it more exciting, you can offer prizes for the winners. You can even ask local businesses to donate prizes, such as pet toys or gift certificates.


Idea #5: Sell Animal-Themed Merchandise

Sell animal-themed merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags with your organization’s logo and name. 


To make it easier for you, you can sell your merchandise right from your Doobert account with our Rescue Store! Check it out here


So, there you have it! Five fun and creative fundraising ideas for animal shelters and rescues. 


Remember, fundraising doesn’t have to be boring. Get creative, engage with your community, and most importantly, have fun! 

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