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Taking time to appreciate your biggest supporters

“Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone.” –Gertrude Stein

We learned “thank you” at a young age

Many of our life lessons are taught to us when we’re still children. “Say please” and “say thank you” are two lessons that every culture around the world seems to instill in their youth when they are still very young.  These words are considered polite and yet they often are not uttered or if they are, the words are more a rote response then a genuine reflection of appreciation.

In today’s hustle and bustle and constant go-go-go of our daily lives, it’s hard to hear these words and even harder still to hear them uttered with genuine thanks and appreciation. Often a thank you is rehearsed or mumbled in passing and rarely do people stop and genuinely share their appreciation and gratitude even when it is warranted. We are usually so self-absorbed with our own lives and activities that we don’t even recognize when someone does something nice for us.

Genuine appreciation is paramount.

Even though we are all passional animal advocates and animal rescuers, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our activities to the point that we forget to show genuine appreciation to those that are helping us. Whether that being showing appreciation to a generous donor, one of our rock-solid animal foster homes or to that volunteer that help us setup for the latest animal expo, we can become complacent and forget to stop and focus on them, making them the center of our attention and the only thing we are focused on in that moment. Looking at them directly in their eyes and giving them a warm embrace and heartfelt “Thank you” to let them know that we do genuinely appreciate their support.

All of us have seen genuine thanks in the animals that we have saved. Regardless of their predicament or situation and despite of the fact that we cannot always be their forever home saviors, they show us their genuine appreciation for our efforts in their own way. A warm nuzzle or a smile or even a pause to look us in the eyes reminds us that they appreciate everything we are doing for them. So why don’t we do that for those that are helping us?

If you are reading this, please, take a moment and show your genuine appreciation to one of your volunteers, donors or partners in animal rescue.

Thank them in the comments below for all to see how much you appreciate them. We know they will appreciate it.

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