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Harper’s Six State Hop

Harper’s Six State Hop

Hi,  I am Harper and I sure appreciate the 20 transporters who helped me travel six states from Miami, Florida to my foster family in Illinois.  I loved snuggling up on my doggie bed or angling a cutie face to try to score some treats.  Hey, when your meeting stops include seven Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores and an Olive Garden, my nose started me dreaming of those yummy possiblities.  Thanks to my Hoosier transporters for letting me snooze away or listen to to Jimmy Buffet on SiriusXM.   I could not tell that some of my trusty transporters were experiencing their first or second transports: Greg, Sheila, and Jane were awesome monitors and coordinators from noting my old leg injury for the transporters to making sure my papers and my fluffy bed made the whole journey.  Although some may say Olive Garden’s breadstick aroma set my paws in motion, it was actually meeting my foster family that made my feet dance.

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