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Help Your Local Shelter

Do you want to help shelter animals but you are not in the position to be able to adopt or donate money? Don’t worry, there are so many ways that you can still help! Take the skills you have already mastered and volunteer them to your local animal rescue shelter. Below are some ideas that can help get you started!


Accountant: Help with adoption paperwork and balancing everyday expenses and fees.

Carpenter: Help renovate shelters, build cat towers, and create new spaces for the animals.

Like to sew? : Make t-shirt bedding and animal tents, or sew fabric toys for cats and dogs to play with.No-Sew-DIY-Cat-Tent_ExtraLarge700_ID-828326

Photographer: Take high quality photos for animal adoption profiles.

Lawyer: Review copyright notices, forms, and contracts.

Writer: Write for a newspaper, magazine, etc. to inform people about what a local shelter does and what it currently needs.

Musician: Throw a benefit concert and donate the proceeds.

Computer Techie: Design a website for the shelter or apps to aid in adoption.

Cleaner: Clean cages, linens, and dishes.

Event Planner: Plan special fundraising and adoption events.

Trainers: Help dogs learn to sit stay, etc. to make them more adoptable.

Gardener/landscaper: Take care of the outdoor land that provides animals a place to run and play.

Graphic Designer: Create posters and advertising to get the word out about your local shelter.


There is so much to be done at your local animal shelter and so many creative ways that you can contribute.  Have an idea that is not on this list?  Share it with us!



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