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How to explain animal rescue transport to your mom

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain rescue transport and how you spend your weekends to those that are not familiar with animal rescue relay transport?  “What do you mean you were out driving dogs around?  What kind of crazy person does that for fun?”  Here’s your quick guide to explaining your passion for animals and rescue transport to your Mom.

  • “Amazon doesn’t do pet transport…yet!” – We know you had the same thought as we did when Amazon started shipping things with drones but it hasn’t happened yet. There’s no drone for animal rescue transport yet. (we know…we checked)
  • “I enjoy the cool breeze on my face, and warm breath on my neck.” – Driving on the open road with the window down is a great feeling. As is feeling the warm breath of a dog sitting on the seat behind you knowing that you’re taking him somewhere safe as a part of his rescue transport.
  • “I have to fulfill those community service hours somehow.” – Ok, ok. We kid around sometimes too ya know.  But rescue relay transport is a legitimate way to fulfill some of those requirements and help save rescue animals at the same time.
  • “You and Dad always wanted to go for a Sunday drive so now I do, just without you.” – What else are you going to do on a Sunday…watch baseball?  Why not volunteer to save animals instead?
  • “I’m just making up for all those bad things I did as a kid.” – Your dark secrets are safe…for now.

How do you explain it?  If you’ve got a better explanation we’d love to hear it.

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