1. Log into your existing petpoint.com account

a. Navigate to Configuration > General Shelter > Processing > Attribute Manager

b. Select an animal type that you’d like to display

c. Click the green “Add New” button

d. Choose “Behavioral Attribute”

e. Enter “Transferable-Doobert” as the attribute’s label and save

**By default, the attribute will not publish to your website, kennel cards, or be included with your adoption disclaimers. You can edit these default settings if you would like to display this attribute in these places. These settings won’t impact how the attribute connects with Doobert.

2. Generate an API key

a. Navigate to Configuration > General Shelter > Uploads & Integrations > My Organization’s Website > API
b. Click “Generate New Key”
c. Label the key as “Doobert”

**You’ll need to copy your API key for the next step

3. Enter the API key from above and continue

How to choose animals to display in Doobert from Shelterluv

If you’d like an animal to be displayed in Doobert, simply mark the animal with your new “Transferable-Doobert” attribute.
To add an attribute to an animal, navigate to the animal’s record and click on the “Processing” tab and “Attributes” subtab. Select “Transferable-Doobert” and it will immediately display on the animal record.

View your animal profiles in Doobert