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4 jobs animal rescue shelter dogs do that you probably didn’t know about.

Did you know that dogs from animal shelters go on to do some amazing things?  Check out these 4 example of jobs that shelter dogs do every day.


1. Therapy Dogs

You’ve heard of therapy dogs.  They’re used everywhere from hospitals to airports to help humans cope with various things in their lives.  But did you know that Shelter Dogs can make some of the best therapy dogs?  There are many amazing organizations that focus on rescuing shelter dogs and then working with them to unleash their potential to become therapy dogs.  What an amazing impact on the world and transformation they make in people’s lives.   Check out:


2. Prison Dogs

Prisoners and animals working together to help save one another.  Animal rescue shelter dogs that teach prison inmates how to care for an animal and how to be responsible for another life.  The prisoners help rehabilitate animals through training and showing them how to trust and love.  What an amazing bond they make with one another and there are outstanding organizations that do this type of program across the country.  Check out:


3. Search and Rescue Dogs

Some of the best search and rescue dogs were once animal shelter dogs and they went from death row to saving lives.  It might surprise you that most search and rescue dogs are not pure breds nor do they come from a breeder.  Personality and drive are more important than just a specific breed and there are lots of amazing organizations that focus on saving animals and training them to save people.  Some amazing stories.  Check out:


4. Law enforcement dogs

Just like search and rescue dogs, animal rescue shelter dogs go on to be amazing law enforcement dogs.  From drug detection to K9 partners in the field, law enforcement agencies across the country are finding amazing animals come from animal shelters.  There are many amazing stories about animals rescued from death row and going on to make huge impacts on the war on drugs and protecting their human partners in the field.  Check out: and a great story on:

Do you know of amazing organizations or stories or jobs that shelter dogs have gone on to do?  Tell us!

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