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TCs – Did you know you can keep your information hidden on Doobert except to those transporters that sign up for your transports?


Doobert has advanced functionality to help you manage YOUR rescue transports YOUR way.

Every animal rescue or shelter organization is different.  Your needs are different and Doobert has the advanced features you need to run YOUR organization, YOUR way.

Configure your organization settings to hide your TC contact info

doobertAs a transport coordinator for an organization, Doobert gives you the choice regarding how you want your information made available.

You already know that Doobert has powerful Privacy Settings for volunteers, animals and organizations, and one of those settings is specifically geared towards you as the TC.

If you want to keep your information hidden on the public transport page, you can enable that privacy setting in your organization’s privacy settings.  This way volunteers will see a CONTACT TC button instead of your email and phone number until they opt-in and sign-up for a leg.

Got an idea for how to make your life as a TC easier?  Let us know.

If you are one of the amazing animal rescue transport coordinators that uses Doobert and has a great idea for how we can make your life easier so you can save more animals, please let us know!

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