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Let the aftermath of Irma and Harvey unite us

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

The stories are still being told in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  The stories of people whose lives were sadly lost, heroes who braved the situations and risked their own safety to save others.  And then there are the stories of animals of all kinds that were impacted by these terrible events.

Like you, I have felt helpless, shocked, and even angered as I watched these natural disasters unfold.  People fleeing for their lives, their lifetime of possessions left behind to be sacrificed to Mother Nature’s wrath and destruction.  But if those emotions of sadness and grief for people were not intense enough, I became distraught and furious when I heard the stories about people evacuating and leaving their animals behind, some without a chance to even survive because they were tied to a tree.  Animals left in houses and cages, or turned loose as if they could find their own shelter from the impending storms.

Now that the storms have passed and the images are pouring in, you can see for your own eyes the destruction left behind and the impact that these disasters will have on the lives of people and animals for years to come.  There are many wonderful organizations and individuals on the ground in all of these places trying to help both people and animals and for them I am eternally grateful.  Their selflessness and compassion in a time of need serves as a reminder of the human spirit and our compassion to help other sentient beings in times of need.

So I ask you, how will these events change you and your approach or perspective on animal rescue?  Will you continue with your efforts the way you have been, or maybe double down and try even harder to save that one additional animal?  Or will you step back and look at how you can do more by collaborating with other groups and individuals in an effort to combine your limited resources with your extraordinary talents to build an even more impactful campaign helping animals?

I have always wanted Doobert to be a collaborative community of like-minded animal professionals.  Rescues, Shelters, Transport Groups, Volunteers…all are welcomed and treated with respect, compassion and with appreciation for what they do to help animals.  These horrific events from the last few months have infused me with even more drive and energy to double down on my efforts and set the example for all to see that working together, we will have a much greater impact than working against each other.

So will you join me today, Sunday September 17, 2017, and make a pledge to put the needs of animals first?

Will you pledge to put animals…

  • before your need to promote your animal rescue or brand on social media?
  • above your need for maintaining control of your Facebook group or list of volunteers?
  • ahead of your need for receiving accolades and appreciation for your efforts?

Will you join me in this pledge to stop the competition and to unleash the collaboration?

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