Getting Started with Doobert​

Say Goodbye to
7-Page Forms​

Managing foster applications is now easier than ever!

With FosterSpace, you can go through multiple foster applications and accept or decline applicants with just a few clicks! Allow us to walk you through the whole process.
1. Go to your organization dashboard.
2. Click on the FosterSpace tab.
3. View applicant information.
There will be a separate listing for every foster request you create. You’ll be able to see if someone applied to foster the animal, check the applicant’s profile, and approve or decline accordingly.

1. To view information on interested fosters, click on Applications.

2. You’ll see the name of the applicant.

3. Click on the applicant’s name to view their foster profile.

4. Accept or decline applicants.

1. After viewing an applicant’s foster profile, you can choose to accept or decline their foster application.

2. Accepted applicants will be notified via email. To make sure that they’re still interested in fostering, they’re given the option to accept or decline the foster request. Until they confirm, the status of the animal they applied for will appear as Pending Acceptance.

3. Once the applicant accepts, that specific foster request will be moved from Active to Archived. To view archived foster requests, click on the toggle switch button.

4. Declined applicants will receive an email letting them know that the animal has already found a foster, as well as a selection of other pets they can apply for.