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Mayan Families

We want to introduce you to Mayan Families. Mayan Families works to educate, feed, shelter and heal the impoverished populations of Lake Atitlán region in Guatemala. They are an accredited 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization, whose mission is to facilitate enduring, sustainable programs that promote community development. The objective of Mayan Families is to stimulate long-term progress through school sponsorships, health initiatives, vocational training and microfinance while providing emergency services to those in critical need. They aim to empower and collaborate with every community they work with to create lasting positive growth.

Mayan Families offers many programs like education, social entrepreneurship and kids in critical need. They also have a program called Hope for the Animals. The Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala’s highlands is plagued with an overpopulation of stray animals. Aside from the concerns this raises over the animal’s’ general welfare, this also causes untold problems in the spreading of diseases (such as rabies and parasites) as well as posing a danger to native wildlife.

Since 2005 Hope for the Animals has worked with communities to relieve the suffering of animals and reduce overpopulation. In collaboration with one of the only licensed, practicing veterinarians in the Atitlan region, they offer free and low-cost sterilization clinics, as funding permits. They also promote awareness of humane handling and treatment of animals and rescue and re-home animals that were found injured or abandoned.

Part of the Hope for the Animals program focuses on rescue, adoption and transport of animals to the United States. As the chance for adoption locally is minimal, many of the rescued dogs and cats find homes in the USA. Mayan Families can help with all the paperwork and organize to send the dogs and cats with United Airlines PetSafe program. They are always interested in collaborating with destination organizations that will receive these animals and help them find homes.

If an organization is interested in being a receiving location for these animals or if people are interested in adopting or helping with transportation, they can contact India at and she can discuss further how their program works.

To learn more about Mayan Families and what they do for animals you can visit their website, or you can find them on Facebook


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