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Dog Adoption Tip #10 – Microchip and ID tags


We are at the point in the dog adoption process where you’ve already brought your new dog home and you’re going to need a few essential items.  So I created a list of some of the basic items you are going to need.  The complete list is available in the book and it’s also available as a printable list that I will share at the bottom of this post.  To get you started, here are some real basics: collar, maybe a harness, a non-retractable leash – (the non-retractable part is really important), ID tags and microchip, food and water bowls, really good quality food, treats, toys, poop bags, a dog bed, and maybe a crate.  Maybe your town requires a dog license, so please inquire about that. 

The tip I want to stress is about ID tags and microchipping.  When you bring a new dog home, they are a flight risk until they realize that this is their new family and they are safe. Even then, stuff happens, dogs get out and you want them to get home as quickly as possible.

Here’s the tip:

Make sure your dog has a visible ID tag and a microchip.  If they escape, a visible tag helps them get home much faster and a microchip is invaluable should their tags fall off. 

lost dog

A good quality tag will do. But there’s a company called PetHub that offers an amazing tag with all sorts of high tech behind it (you don’t have to worry about the high tech part).  The PetHub tags help your pet get home faster should they get lost.  Click here, scroll down to tip #10 and enter your email and first name to receive a FREE printable checklist of supplies for your new dog. And if you want more information about any part of the dog adoption process, check out the book!

Will your dog get back if they escape_ Tip #10

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